Accessing active users or threads during run time?

Hi, just wanted to know if there is a way/feature or method introduced/present in Gatling (3.7.6) dsl through which we can access active users or threads during run time ?

Sorry, I don’t get what you mean. Please elaborate.

@slandelle We want to capture the active user count during our scenario to proceed with certain actions…take the case of rendezvous - that calculation needs to be based on actual user value not the ones ramped. For eg we have rendezvous at the end of simulation and for some reason the no of users ramped doesn’t match the users at the end of simulation( for eg some users failed the authentication apis in the start) So the rendezvous will go in infinite loop looking for those missing users. So is there any way we can access the active user count in our scenario?

No, there isn’t. You’ll have to design your test differently.