Activate kubernetes injector

Hi Serviceteam,

I’m using the Azure Self Hosted Marketplace Solution where I wanted to create a new kubernetes injector like this:

… but the verification (check connection button) says:

What’s going wrong!
Should any other items be provided/configured?



What happens is that your Kubernetes API (https://toil-test-cluster-dns…) uses a certificate whose issuer is a custom one and is not configured by default in the JVM’s truststore.

Please see here for an example on how to do this.

thx, I’ll try it, but I’ve also configured the following:

injector {
#httpPort = 9999
enableLocalPool = true
kubernetes {
disableTrustManager = true

in /opt/frontline/conf/frontline.conf

Wouldn’t it be enough as workaround?

Which version of Gatling Enterprise are you using?

the latest Azure Marketplace version

I’m using the Azure Application gateway as ingress controller, but I have to specify a dedicated health check path against the k8s injector image - what would be the right one?

There’s a possibility that we have a regression introduced when upgrading the fabric8 client.

Please stay tuned.