Add input or configuration information/files into output reports

After searching a bit, i was not able to figure out a clean way for somehow “binding” input configuration information with or into output reports.

This is about tracking information about my simulations, which can be run in many different modes, depending on different configurations.

When i look at the reported results after a while, if i am not very careful in keeping somewhere a map of the info on how i launched a simulation and its output report, the output report will not be very meaningful.

For example, i can tell a bit about the DSL i used by looking at the timelines (duration, etc), ramps and number of users, but i will lose info about for example of where i launched that test from (from my laptop or from a docker container inside the Data Center, etc) or other parameters i used when creating my scenarios.

If i were able to save into the resulting reports folder files like a copy of the DSL of my simulation and, say, also application.conf of when it was run, that would help already.
Ideally, i would want to tap into the report generation itself and be able to write right in there (like in a new tab, other than ‘Global’ and ‘Details’, like a tab called ‘Input Configuration’).