Alive Users in performance test

Hi all,
In Active Users over the time chart,
its given that It’s computed as:

(number of alive users at previous second) + (number of users that were started during this second) - (number of users that were terminated during previous second)

My question is what exactly is meant by alive users above? Like is it one of the listed below or a combination of these?

  1. The user sending a request
  2. The user receiving a request
  3. The user processing a request response
    or User in any other phase if I missed here

In the graph shown below, I injected 300 users and there is no termination condition…just a max duration time limit set for the test. Also, no failed request is countered to mark any user as terminated. Can someone please help me explain why the active users seem to drop then?


As far as I know, a user is said to be alive, until it completes executing a scenario once

val scn = scenario(“sample”)

consider a user will execute the sample scenario, it will execute the 1st request and receive a response and it will process the checks if any, then it will go for 2nd and then for 3rd…
till the user completes all the 3 requests, it is said to be alive. If it takes 1min to complete all the requests. then in the graph, it will show as 1 active user for the whole minute

val scn = scenario(“sample2”)

In this example, assume that the request has response time of 500ms, and you are executing the scenario with 1 user.
the user will execute the request 2 times in a second. since there is only one request in this scenario. At a whole, we could see that sample2 scenario has been executed twice in that second. that means, the graph will show 2 active users for that second

In your example, could see that your active users line didn’t touch the 300 mark, that means some of the user would have completed the scenario and moved to Done status, that’s why after 17:08 you are getting a downward slope.
if you want users to keep executing the scenario until the maxDuration, you can use a forever loop as below

val scn = scenario()

Sorry for the late reply
But your explanation helped a lot. I guess probably the situation as you mentioned is that the user is exiting the scenario because of some other condition and that’s why as it us in done status , I am not able to see it in alive users.
Thanks !