Behavior of *.woff2 files with Gatling?

Hi all,
I have an application that makes a request for fonts/open-sans-v13-latin-700.woff2.
When run through chrome this is fetched from the server with a 200 success.
If I request this file via Gatling I see a 400.
Interestingly however I then see a request to open-sans-v13-latin-regular.eot which succeeds with a 200 even though this request isn’t in my Gatling script.
Does the woff2 format contain information on what to request if the font in the woff2 file isn’t supported?
Interestingly then Gatling’s HTTP handling must be doing sufficient parsing to unpack the woff2 and make the *.eot request
Posting to see if Stéphane can confirm the above and/or to share my experience with woff2 with others.