Can I set api send times in setUp function?

This is my code:

In this scenario,I have search\add\edit three requests.
I want to set these requests’s send times,
for example,
In one hours, first we send search request 50 times, then after 10 mins, we send add requests 30 times, then after 10 mins, we send edit requests 10 times,
Or can we send these requests without order, I just need send search request 50 times,
send add requests 30 times, send edit requests 10 times in 1 hour by random.

Scenario is the behavior of a single user.

If you really want to repeat 50 times… there is a repeat method. and a pause method.

val computer = scenario(“user stream”)
.pause(10 minutes)
.pause(10 minutes)

Perhaps do you want to have different scenarios (one for each request) and the simulation will have 50 users for search scenario, 30 users for request scenario, and 10 users for edit scenario?

I am not sure of your use case and what you want to simulate

Thank you, it really helped me! I still have another problem.
I use to do my perform test practice.
I want to create a computer then delete it, but I find it hard to achieve, because when I send the create request, I want to gain some info from response ,then I can set it as dynamic parameter in delete request.
but actually when I send the create response ,I can’t receive any response data, Do you know how can I achieve this scenario?

Indeed, the computer database is not fully REST compliant. There is no data answered specific to the created resource.
It does answer with a 303 (see other) to redirects to the computers list (/computers) instead of answering with 201 (created)

But you should know the name (save it in the session) you used for the newly created computer and should be able to search for this specific name in the database.

Thank you , it really helped me.
and I have another question.
Does gatling can be integrated with docker?,Does gatling have image in docker?