can't regenerate reports after a run - "Compilation failed"

My run has failed - the final 3 requests were outstanding for a couple of hours so I had to kill gatling. (That’s a separate issue…)

I have a simulation.log and I need to generate a report.

My simulation.log is in results/erif-test-all-profile2-1410269434309 (relative to my current directory, not GATLING_HOME)

So I have tried running the following without success:

  • ./ -ro erif-test-all-profile2-1410269434309
  • ./ -ro results/erif-test-all-profile2-1410269434309
  • ./ -ro erif-test-all-profile2-1410269434309 -rf results/erif-test-all-profile2-1410269434309
  • ./ -ro results/erif-test-all-profile2-1410269434309 -rf results/erif-test-all-profile2-1410269434309

Each time I just get the following message:

Compilation failed

A more verbose response would be useful for debugging, since it’s probably just a question of getting the path right.

Can anyone help?

Could you at least tell which version you’re using please?
Crystal ball is broken today.

Hi, ah yes of course it’s 2.0.0.RC3

I think the problem is caused by one of your Simulations not compiling, even though I fail to see why you don’t have more information.

The same simulation has produced beautiful reports plenty of times - why would it not compile this time?

How do I fix this?

Currently, even when running with -ro, Gatling has to compile the Simulation, because of the way assertions are implemented. That’s something we’ll change in 2.1.
Are you sure you don’t have some code in your simulations directory that doesn’t compile?