Different behavioral in processing gatling tests - cloud vs. self hosted

Hi supporter,

I’m using azure gatling self hosted instance & cloud enterprise account in parallel.

Based on the same code tests the results on both gatling instances are different.
Especially one of the exec operation wouldn’t be carried out.

I’m using the mqtt plugin.




Would you be able to provide us with a means to reproduce, please?
Without a reproducer, we’re practically blind.

Yes I see, you need more details about to deep dive into.
What might be the best way to share it - should I grant access to our both instances
(self hosted & cloud)?

What would work best would be a sample project (not with a high load, a very low one would suffice). You can share privately to slandelle at gatling dot io.
If providing a sample against your real application is an issue, you can instead but a sample against https://test.mosquitto.org/.