Digest auth support in the latest snapshots

Hi everyone,

In our project we need to test API endpoints secured with the DIGEST auth.
According to https://github.com/excilys/gatling/commit/537d8bf98bd4e58d0dc80ad874613218c00b2834 snapshot version of Gatling should support digest auth.

I’ve noticed that server doesn’t return “algorithm” in the 401 response and no challenge happens(401 unauthorized is returned and Gatling reports a failed check instead of proceeding with the second part of the digest auth).
Issue is similar to one described and fixed in https://github.com/AsyncHttpClient/async-http-client/pull/530. I’ve checked that current snapshot uses AHC 1.8.8. Shouldn’t it include this fix?

Gatling current snapshot does ship this fix as it ships AHC 1.8.8.
However, the PR you mentioned has broken other things, see https://github.com/AsyncHttpClient/async-http-client/pull/553
I’d like that the 2 guys there agree upon a solution before merging the PR, as I don’t current have a system where I can test Digest auth myself.

As you do have such an endpoint, maybe you could help testing?
What do you think?