Docs - Point to the same page in latest version docs rather than docs home page

Hi Devs - Google right now is not intelligent enough to show me the latest Gatling version’s doc when I search for something. In the header of each page of the older documentation, instead of providing the link to the latest version docs’ home page, can we provide the same page? If that feature is removed then the top level folder in that page can be linked to.

One could argue that I can do a search from and find whatever I want in the latest docs, but I’d differ from that argument that Google searches in both gatling docs & gatling google group and other sites it know of and hence more useful. Please consider this request.



That’s not currently possible as our website is only static content served from Github Pages.
We would need something like an httpd or nginx with some rewrite rules.

The first thing we really need to do is some SEO for dummies, eg adding a sitemap…

I'm ready to take this up if you can provide me some guidance, since I'm not a developer but a pure play tester. I can work on this in my free personal time.

- Mahesh

That’s very kind of you, thanks!
Guillaume is working on a sitemap generator, let’s see what comes out of it.

One great and yet underestimated way to contribute is improving the documentation itself, like making things clearer, adding more examples, etc.
Sources are here and instructions here.