Failed to validate packages

I am using Gatling Enterprise 1.18.3 and Gatling version 3.9.4. I have created a simulation wherein I am fetching the script from Gitlab and the Build Type is Maven project. When I start the simulation from UI, I get below error:

[20:48:48,868] Cloning git repository
[20:48:48,870] Cloning into ‘/tmp/frontline-3442348094383574727’…
[20:48:49,766] Start deploying pool Local with 1 instance
[20:48:49,766] Start compiling project in ‘/tmp/frontline-3442348094383574727’
[20:48:49,766] Pool Local deployed successfully: (Local/localhost).
[20:48:54,809] Compilation completed successfully.
[20:48:54,810] Collected jar (/tmp/frontline-3442348094383574727/target/gatling-maven-plugin-demo-scala-3.8.4-shaded.jar)
[20:48:54,810] Failed to validate packages: Could not locate class simulations.debug. Please check for possible typo. Terminating instances.
[20:48:54,811] Local: instances successfully stopped
[20:48:54,811] Cleaning build directory /tmp/frontline-3442348094383574727

Can someone please help here to resolve this error?
Thanks in advance


Could not locate class simulations.debug

What you’ve filled in the Simulation class name field is wrong.

Thank you @slandelle. corrected the simulation class name. It worked.

Glad to hear!