Files are not present while compiling, but doesn't show an error either


I recorded a few scripts and added objects to them and tried to compile the file in gatling, but when I compile, the files that I added the objects to are not present in the list and doesn’t show an error for any of the scripts either.

Does anyone know why this happens and what should be done?

Some assistance would be helpful.


Hi Kripa,

As per my research, Gatling recorder is also as bad as selenium IDE( recorder). Knowing this fact, we need to deal with that.

If some files are not getting listed for simulation( as per ur mail), we can play around with target folder.

Move all the class files from target folder to another folder( have back up). Keep only one file ( namely UpdateCostCenter11).

Compile it. File will be list the unlisted file.


Ajith shetty

Thanks Ajith.

It works.