Flag For gatling.sh To Run Without Asking Which Simulation To Use?

Hey all!

I’m a new gatling user, but I’m liking it a lot. I’m on a mac running it from terminal, and I normally run “./gatling.sh -m”. It then prompts me for a number representing which simulation I want to run. Is there a flag to pass in either the number or maybe file name so that I can, for example, run the tests on CI server?

Side question- is there somewhere in the docs that lists all the possible flags you can pass with gatling.sh?


$ gatling.sh --help

Thanks! After checking the help page I’ve found what I was looking for, the -s flag. Then I can do this:

“./tests/load/gatling-2.3.1/bin/gatling.sh -m -s default.UserEmbedLoadTest”

Cool bean dip!