flattenMapIntoAttributes get value of map

i am quiete new on gatling and i try to have a non-shared feed for each session started.

so i was checking the dcumentation and found “flattenMapIntoAttributes”, so a adapt that to my best knowledge and basically it works, BUT
as output in the request I still get

:Map(context → [{id=2,…}]

what i basically understand because I iterate threw an array of maps, but how do i get the real json payload into the request.
I hope i could make myself clear, and i hope somebody can help me out :slight_smile:

val scn = scenario(“SendRep”)
.feed(csv("…/devices.csv").circular) //-- remains shared feed

.repeat(nbLoops, “n”) {

val myFeed = jsonFile("/pos.json").records //-- non shared feed

foreach(myFeed, “context”){
exec(session =>session.set(“timestamp”, getTimestamp()))



i am using the latest snapshot version 2.2.0

is it possible that there is something wrong with “flattenMapIntoAttributes” because to my output it doesnt make any difference if i call it or not.

every comment is welcome

You just forgot a dot to chain your 2 execs, so flattenMapIntoAttributes is never called.