Hi All,

I saw that there is no integration with Prometheus. But I found this plugin
I’m experiencing some problems with the plugin. I tried to add it to gatling-maven-demo example.
Without this dependency project is compiled and ran correctly.


But when I add the dependency, I have this error:

Error:(6, 8) Symbol ‘type io.gatling.core.util.ResourceCache’ is missing from the classpath.
This symbol is required by ‘trait io.gatling.http.feeder.SitemapFeederSupport’.
Make sure that type ResourceCache is in your classpath and check for conflicting dependencies with -Ylog-classpath.
A full rebuild may help if ‘SitemapFeederSupport.class’ was compiled against an incompatible version of io.gatling.core.util.
import io.gatling.jdbc.Predef._

I’ve tried mvn clean compile/install command and tried to rebuild the project. It doesn’t help.

Could someone give me any recommendations that will help me to solve these problems?
Thanks a lot.

This looks like an unmaintained module that doesn’t support modern Gatling versions.
You can use Gatling’s official Graphite module and graphite exporter, or FrontLine that provides a Grafana datasource.

Hmm, I did not try with Prometheus.
Maybe you can try with Graphite and Influxdb.
I have a post on medium about this.

Thanks for your help. I can’t use Docker because of env security restrictions. I used this tutorial Maybe it could be useful for someone else.