Gatling requests fail with HTTP 409 (Conflict)

Hi All,

I have a simple Gatling scenario in my simulation with 6 REST methods run in sequence for each vuser.

POST /account
GET /accounts/{accountId}
PUT /accounts/{accountId} // update the account
PUT /accounts/default/{accountId} // make default account
GET /accounts
DELETE /accounts/{accountId}

I generate test data for request bodies during the run-time. accountId is returned in the response body of the POST /account, I save it into session using :

My application is designed not to allow duplicate requests. During the test execution I get HTTP 409 errors for PUT /accounts/{accountId}, PUT /accounts/default/{accountId}, and DELETE /accounts/{accountId}
In the server logs I can see there are some duplicate requests with same accountId.

I wonder if anyone experienced this issue earlier? Please can you suggest anything that I should looking to sort this out.

Thanks a lot.

-Pujitha Pathirana.

My current Gatling version is 2.2.0, I have checked this with Gatling 2.2.3 and results still the same.

Definitively not a Gatling issue but one either in your app or in your test design.

Thanks Stéphane.