Grafana Distributed Gatling

HI Team,

How the Grafana metrics shown when I am running with the distributed gatling?

Lets say I have the parallism of 4 worker instances but the granfana says the information of the only one worker. How can I make sure that all workers are considered?

Make sure the scenario name are different on each of 4 workers.

But in this case i am pushing the same simulation through jenkins to all the machines at a time with same scenario name.Is it possible to hit all the four machines at a time with four scenario names differently for a single script??

When you run test with same simulation name across all instances, you will get consolidated users ramp-up. It is quite difficult to find which one is problematic.

By specifying different simulation name, you can monitor users ramp-up and ramp-down for each instance and monitor real time through grafana.

Please see the screen query to configure, users in grafana.

Hello, what is some solution to this problem?

Hello, what is some solution to this problem?

AFAIK, the only correct way is to go with FrontLine and use our Grafana datasource. Other solutions would mess up the distributions (typically would compute percentiles averages, which don’t make sense).