Graphite installation


I am looking for graphite installation on linux box for gatling tool. I know this forum is not about graphite. I looked over internet, i could not find wokring steps.

Can you please send info on this if anyone has done this.


I seems that last Graphite packages are broken and you have to build from sources.

Thanks for quick reply, Stephane.

It is painful to build from sources. However, i will give it a try.

I agree.
Graphite hasn’t released for one year. But… I can’t blame them…

I would suggest running Graphite using a Vagrant or Docker image to begin with.
On Docker prompt, I see some graphite images are available in their database.

Or this article on Gatling :slight_smile: points to setting up a vagrant box with statsd+Graphite in minutes.


That’s a great solution for people already running on Linux.

But for the others… you would have to run a Linux inside a VM like VirtualBox, then run Docker inside your VM and forward the proper ports. Inception for the win!

Yup. Windows/ Mac users can
1] Get a Linux VM running on Virtualbox/ VMware. And run ‘yum install docker-io’ to get docker on CentOS.
2] Install boot2docker using a friendly installer. Launch it from the GUI and it gives you a docker container prompt in a lightweight TinyCore Linux VM (running on Virtualbox under the hood).

Yup, would be in favor of a Docker-based solution too.
The other way would be going trough the pain of install Python then Graphite on Windows, which is trickier considering that Graphite installation process is not exactly straightforward.

i followed the steps mentioned in and graphite is started successfully. But, when i run the test i get below errors.

[ERROR] i.g.m.GraphiteSender - Actor GraphiteSender crashed on message Some(SendMetrics(Map(GraphitePath(List Broken pipe

Hello Santhosh, are you able to see the web based Graphite dashboard? Is the dashboard reachable from the Gatling host with telnet/ curl?

Hi CruiZen,

I was able to get that working.

The fix was to run $vagrant provision after executing $vagrant up