Groups default to expanded in sidebar of detailed reports page

On the detailed reports page, all of the groups in the sidebar are expanded by default, which has the unfortunate side-effect that if I’m browsing through requests in the 5th group in the list, each time I go to a new page I have to either re-collapse all of the groups above the one I’m looking at or scroll way (way) down to find it in the expanded list. I’ve been poking around the JS in the results folder, but I’m really just taking shots in the dark. Do you know what I could change in the JS (after generating a report) to make the sidebar contents collapsed by default? (I’m using 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT)

As for Gatling’s permanent default, I’d like to vote for collapsed instead of expanded, but totally understand if you’ve got your reasons for keeping it expanded. My absolute ideal system would be collapsed by default except the current page and its parents, but I realize that’s a lot more complicated than just all expanded or all collapsed.

I collapsed all the blocks by default:

Feel free to dig in and provide a pull request for what you suggest.