Help: Problem about HTTP Digest injection


We got a problem about http digest injection and we are not able to find out the solution.

As the digest password is generated by a date, a nonce and a password according to usrname, we are looking for the possiblity of generating the digest password dynamically with the current date - which means the timestamp of injection.

The Feeder doesn’t work on our simulations. Or is it possible to override the POST/the httpRequest for httpDigest?

Thanks a lot for all your help.

Our gatling version is the latest one.

It works with Session.

The class GenDigest generate all the parameters necessary for 1 injection. Put all of them in a session and it works!

val scn = scenario("testxxxxx")
  .repeat(10) {
    .exec(session => {
      val digest = new GenDigest
      session.set("DATE", digest.getDate()).set("NONCE",digest.getNonce()).set("TOKEN",digest.getToken()).set("digestPWD",digest.getDigestPWD())