How to handle different type of simulation

Hi All,

I have different test criteria for performance test
for example
for initial page load when
(1) a 1 week date range should take <= 3 seconds to run;
(2) a 1 month date range should take <= 5 seconds to run

user applies a filter and when # of filters <=2, then across
(1) a 1-week date range should take <= 10 seconds to “run”;
(2) a 1-month date range should take <= 15 seconds to “run”.

Like this I have 6 different test criteria how to handle this test

Thanks in Advance!!!

Before you can begin working with Gatling, you first need to fully understand how you would manually test your application. You can’t automate what you can’t describe. Nor will you have much success with Gatling if you don’t understand the technology that it uses.

So answer your own question: How would YOU test those test cases, apart from Gatling?