HTTPS client certificate configuration

OK, now it works

Thank you for your help !

Fantastic! Honestly, that went smoother than I originally expected.
We’ll ship this in both 1.5.0 and 2.0.0-M2.

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My situation is a bit different from this case. I have many https requests in the script but only one needs certificate, and certificate is same for all users.

so i should not change the gatling.conf, but rather change session’s trustStore and keyStore parameter before i call that https request? and after that particular request, i have to reset keyStore and trustStore value so subsequent https will be alright?

i tried change gatling.conf but got No trusted certificate found error. i believe thats because the keyStore and trustStore file is not working for all my https requests.

any ideas or better implementations?


I think i figured out how to do it. i imported the cert into jre trustStore, cacerts, and use that one as the trustStore. keyStore is ok to contain only one entry.

Hi Stéphane,

Is it possible to implement the second solution as well?
I’m currently switching from JMeter to Gatling, but I’m currently stuck at the authentification part of the website which I’m testing. For that I need a keystore containing multiple keys (for 200 users).

In JMeter there’s an option “Keystore Configuration” where I can declare the aliases in the keystore (working like a feeder).



This is not currently implemented.
I opened a feature request:

No ETA though.