Indicators issue

I have noticed there is mismatch of request count number in between Indicators Graph(1959070) and Global information (1959384)…i could not find out the remaining count of requests ie…, around 314 requests missing in indicator graph.

Even though there is a Max response of 1585ms …It is not showing under indicator bar of t >1200ms.What might be the reason???

I guess the value 314 is so negligible compared to global that this value could not be printed.

Yes Flavio,it is negligible in case if all the requests falling under t< 800 ms,but in my case i can see a Max response value as 1585 in global info…but it has not been populated in the indicator graph.This could lead to confusion when we are explaining our reports to someone who is completely new to gatling and they have asked the same question to me why there is a mismatch of both.So there the problem arises

YEs, we should be aware of that.

If possible try to get info on this Indicators issue…

Thanks for your reply Flavio