Injector Log String Masking

Hopefully someone can help me out with a niche logging problem.

In the Injector logs when a session fails, it’s dumping the whole message to the logs. This is normally fine but these logs end up in an Enterprise Splunk indexer and there are strings that I need to mask since they contain sensitive data. It’s all test data but I work for a company that’s very strict about these things.

The Injector seems to have it’s own logback.xml but this doesn’t seem to be propagated from the Controller, so how can I durably modify it?

Not sure I’m getting it right. Are you a Gatling Enterprise customer ?

Hey Brad,

As this looks like an enterprise issue I wanted to see if you had access to the Enterprise support portal or if I could connect you with someone who does.

Could you email me at and I can look at directing you to the right place?

All the best,

Hi @GatlingPete, yes I’m an Enterprise customer, I’m just getting aquatinted with Gatling and don’t have any contacts. I’ll shoot you an email.

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