Is it possible to create a scenario which changes every loop, for example sending a different JMS message in every iteration

I have the following scenario in which I send a JMS message, but I want to change the textMessage for every request sent. Is that possible, how can I create a dynamic scenario in which I generate the request every iteration and pass it to textMessage()

var scn = scenario(“SCENARIO1”).repeat(Constants.repetitions) {
req= RequestCreatorUtil.createCalcAndSignRequest(vin.apply(index))
exec(jms(“first test”).requestReply
.textMessage(calcAndSignRequest) //this should change every loop


setUp(scn.inject(rampUsers(Constants.numberOfUsers) during (Constants.durationRampUp))).protocols(jmsConfig)


I am using Gatling 3.0.0

Pass the current system time stomp