loops inside the setup block

Hi ,
is it possible to use loops ( for loop) inside a setup block.

I tried once but getting error.

need to simulate the below scenario.
for the first seconds 5 users : ramp 5 users in 1 second., then do nothing for 1 seconds then next 5 ramp users for another 1 seconds then do nothing for 1 second . this behaviors should repeat for 1 hour (peak hours) and rest of the hours same behavior with less users.

rampUsers(5) over (1 seconds),nothingFor(1.seconds),rampUsers(5) over (1 seconds),nothingFor(1.seconds)))

writing code like this would not feasible as it is very huge and compilation crashes as it exceed the max limit on the method.

please help me out on this.


any solutions on this.

Venkatesh Nayak