Multipart form uploads with 1.5.6

Hey all,
I have the following execution, I’m trying to test uploading a pkcs12 cert. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get it to work. I’m running with the latest stable release, 1.5.6, NOT the latest 2.x milestones.


  • Read the pkcs12 cert from our classpath, then get the absolute file path for uploading
    val pkcs12Cert = getClass.getResource("/notifier.p12").getPath()

.exec(http(“Create Notifier”)
.param(“name”, “${notifierName}”)
.param(“provider”, “apple”)
.param(“environment”, “mock”)
.fileBody(“p12Certificate”, pkcs12Cert) <<==== How do I label my file field? I can’t seem to find any documentation for this anywhere.


Gating 1 multipart support was more limited, so you can’t. The field name is taken from the file name.

Hey Stephane,
How stable is the latest 2.0 milestone? We’re doing production testing with gatling, do you think it would be worth switching now before we proceed? We’re looking for stability, we don’t want to have to fight the test framework, just create our tests.


It’s not a milestone, it’s a release candidate, meaning that it’s feature complete and we’ll focus on bug fixing until the final release in September.
There’s been quite a few adventurous souls who used the snapshots and helped fixing bugs, so I’m pretty confident.
You really should go with it. It’s way more feature rich than Gatling 1, more documented and we’ve fixed tons of bugs there.
Last months, all bugs fixes that made it into Gatling 1 were actually backports from Gatling 2.
Also, we’ll stop maintaining Gatling 1 soon.