Need to extends execution in scenario for accepting input is rest assure

Hello all,
My team wants to reuse the function in java code which is currently rest assured.
Can you suggest me the way to extends execution so that it can take input as rest assured function.
For example:

Currently gatling only accept exec for those:

def exec(sessionFunction: Expression[Session]): B = exec(new SessionHookBuilder(sessionFunction, exitable = true))
def exec(actionBuilder: ActionBuilder): B = chain(List(actionBuilder))
def exec(chains: ChainBuilder*): B = exec(chains.toIterable)
def exec(chains: Iterator[ChainBuilder]): B = exec(chains.toIterable)
def exec(chains: Iterable[ChainBuilder]): B = chain(chains.toList.reverse.flatMap(_.actionBuilders))
def exec(scenario: ScenarioBuilder): B = chain(scenario.actionBuilders)

but I want exec accept for rest assured something like:

def exec(response: Response) : B …

Can you show me the way?
Thanks so much