Noticing what row in the test-data file I am at when stopping the simulation

I have a practical challenge.
I have a testdata-set of about 130.000 users.
Lets say I run a test that “eats up” 30.000 of those users (I cannot use them again).
Using .curcular I know I start at the top and take a new row every time using it up.
Is there a way to print which was the last testdatarow I used ?
In that case I can start my next simulation one row below that last used (possible having to delete all the “used” testdata).

Anyone with a similar challenge?



In essence, you will want to use a feeder that is smart. Maybe put your users in a database, and use a custom feeder that queries for the least-recently pulled record. On the back-end, whenever it issues a record, it updates a timestamp on that record. Remember to make sure that if two calls come in at the same time, it doesn’t send the same record to both.