OKTA Connection Timeout Issues for Github Login Using Gatling Recorder

I am trying to perform UI load testing on Github which is secured using Saml Authentication during Login.
I am using Gatling recorder to record the below steps-
(open inspect -network tab)
step1- launch Github url
step2-enter username
step3-enter password
step4-click verify

Download “HAR” file which will contain recorded calls.
Go to Gatling recorder and convert HAR file to Scala file
When i execute this scala file in Intellij -i am facing some issues related to okta -

---- Errors --------------------------------------------------------------------

i.n.c.ConnectTimeoutException: connection timed out: ok2static
i.n.c.ConnectTimeoutException: connection timed out: login.okt

Below are the Okta related keywords which i see in API network calls->
RelayState,Signature,SAML Request,SignAlg,Service Token etc

I tried adding proxy related to Okta and our organization specific proxy urls- but no gain
can someone pls help -How can i handle okta authentication in my scala script?

Hi @rajat,

Do you mean that you want to load test GitHub and Okta? Did you ask them if you can?

As you guessed, ConnectTimeoutException often means that the url is not reachable from the application.
Do you test a simple http request with curl?

What did you tried? How did you implement it?


Hi Sébastien,

Yes i want to load test Github login scenario (where okta comes in place when i enter username,password and click on verify button).

I tried using curl on terminal but not getting any response-
curl -v orgname.okta.com

  • Uses proxy env variable NO_PROXY == ‘.localhost’
  • Trying …
  • connect to port 80 failed: Operation timed out
  • Trying…

So this issue has nothing to do with gatling but with your proxy settings.


I tried putting okta and organisation proxy in my script - but no gain

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