Overwrite gatling conf options on Gatling entreprise


We are using Gatling entreprise on AWS with the marketplace (1.17.2). We would like to overwrite some configurations we can find on gatling.conf such as connectTimeout, pooledConnectionIdleTimeout, etc.
On our EC2 instance Gatling entreprise we added connectTimeout in the frontline.conf file with that code :

    socket {
        connectTimeout = 12000

For the structure we look into gatling/gatling-defaults.conf at main · gatling/gatling · GitHub

But when we launch our simulations, it’s not take into account. Do we have to configure it in a different way ?



That’s not the right way to do it.
Either add this in your gatling.conf in your project’s resources, but then this settings will always be there for all your Simulations in this repository.
Or set a System properties in the desired Simulation configuration, in this case gatling.socket. connectTimeout set to 12000 .


Yes understood but when I’ve tried to fill the property in the Simulation properties, I have an IllegalArgumentException (attached screenshot). Maybe the property has to be set on Simulation Java System Properties ?


Or set a System properties in the desired Simulation configuration

I wrote System Properties. Why did you set in Environment Variables?


Those are not the same thing

Ah yes sorry I read too quickly. Thanks for your answer, it works