Primepush disconnect while recording


We have a problem with gatling recorder. Our web application use primefaces push but the request seems to be disconnected by GatlingRecorder.
Then, our application attempt infinitely the push.

Does Gatling handle primefaces push ?

Thank you

Here an example of Primeface push;

<p:socket channel="#{bean.socket}">
<p:ajax event=“message” update="#{bean.status}" immediate=“true” partialSubmit=“true” process="@this" />


Gatling’s Recorder only support “plain” HTTP.
As Primefaces’ push transport defaults to WebSocket (which you seem to be using), you won’t be able to record it through the Recorder, you’ll need to handle it yourself.



Thanks, how can I handle websocket ?

Indeed, you’ll have to craft manually. You can log the websockets payloads in your browser, for example with Google Chrome dev tool.