Problem with dynamics url

Sorry for the delay, your mail was first blocked by Google Group, and once approved ended up in my spam box.

I’m not sure about what you’re trying to do. Could you detail, please?

For example:

  • getTypedAttributeSeq[String] might crash if the request or the check that was supposed to populate it failed. You’d probably better use getAttributeAsOption instead.

  • lListUrl(1) will crash if lListUrl has less than 2 elements (indices start at 0)

Why not simply:

// the urls can exist or not
.check(regex("<a href="(.)"><span class=“lastProductIm”).findAll.whatever.saveAs(“LIST_URL_ART”))
)_A.jpg" alt="").findAll.whatever.saveAs(“LIST_URL_IMG”))
.check(regex(“Marque/(.*)” alt="").findAll.whatever.saveAs(“LIST_IMG_MARQ”))

.foreach("${LIST_URL_IMG}", “IMG”)
.check( to 404))