Ramping users until throughput plateaus

We want to measure the maximum concurrent threads that can hit our web service before response times begin to be effected.

The best way to do that is to add one user at a time until the transactions per second tops out.

Now, what I would LIKE to do is be able to do is add a new user once per minute until the throughput for the last 5 minutes is within 1% of the throughput for the last minute, or is more than 1% higher (suggesting that performance is starting to degrade. Then I would like to be able to decide if I want to stop the scenario, or just hold the users constant at that point.

Obviously, this goes a little outside the norm. But it's doable, right?

In french, we have a saying for what you’re asking for: “15 euros et un mars”. Sadly, it’s perfectly impossible to translate.

We plan on implementing this, but it’s more of a circuit breaker if the run goes amok while you’re at the coffee machine or in your bed.

I like where you are going with that. When you get around to implementing that, keep my use case in mind, please!