Request is unable to be processed when page is opened in a new window

In my test, the View PDF transaction includes Clicking a link where the PDF is being opened in a new window. (more like a popup)

It works fine, but Gatling returns HTTP 500 [Internal Server Error] when this particular page is opened in a new window.

[See attached file for the results]

Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

Enable debug logs and compare the request Gatling sends with the one a browser sends (with something like Google Chrome dev tool or fiirebug).

Hi Stéphane,

I was able to do the same scenario using the Google Chrome Dev Tool. No error was returned but, just like Gatling, it was not able to accumulate the response times in that particular transaction. The file was opened in a new window but the logs just stopped. Although it immediately resumed in the succeeding transactions.

Also tried it with Firebug. Same thing happens.