Request statistics aggregated + broken down per responses

Hello Gatling community,

Is it possible in request statistics of Gatling report to have successful requests not only aggregated per request label but also broken down per responses? E.g. by response status code, or even better if one can programmatically classify response and associate a label to each class.

I have an API with endpoint which can return multiple response codes, all of which are considered successful/valid, but not all are equally desired from performance (throughput) perspective. So it would help with analysis if Gatling report had this extra breakdown.

Kind regards,
Stevo Slavic.

Hi Stevo,

No, this is not supported.
Generally speaking, we don’t plan to introduce new reports/metrics in the standard reports.
We’re doing so in our upcoming commercial product though.


Hello Stéphane,

Thanks for heads up!

Report is one thing, what about API to support this kind of labeling of responses and collecting the data? Is there going to be additional commercial API on top of OSS one to enable this feature or can we expect it in OSS one as well if not already there?

Kind regards,

Stevo Slavic.

We won’t add OSS features that the OSS reporting modules wouldn’t be able to handle. The closest thing to what your looking for is groups.
Regarding the commercial version, we’re already adding some aggregations/breakdown axis. We’ll add more or try to find a generic way to add them depending on demands.