Rerampup or pause failed users?

I am running a flow on an unstable environment. Every now and than I am getting a few seconds of 502, at the moment two things can happen;
I either .exitHereIfFailed or not. On .existHereIfFailed I might end up with half of the users that I intend to run and if the users wont fail, they start hammering the environment
with what seems like zero delay between the calls. In the last case I end up with either 100% CPU on the injector or the environment is on able to recover as I get on hammering it.

My question is, Is there any way to rerampup failed users, or maybe if a user fails then let it pause for a configured amount of time before re-trying?


with what seems like zero delay between the calls.

You’re the only one who can decide when you want pauses.

Thanks Stephane.

My question is not how to add pause, my question is if its possible to add a global “pause on fail”, or setup my own logic on failure. (where I will happily add my own .pause)

Like detecting that you’ve had too many 502 last second on the last executions and decide to pause injection for a few seconds?
No, that’s not possible.

Thank you.