stressPeakUsers is not recognized as a method

I use Gatling 3.6.1 and when I try to do this:

  val generateRequestsToKyma: ScenarioBuilder = scenario("Kyma simulation")


It doesn’t recognize stressPeakUsers as a function.
The error says “Cannot resolve symbol stressPeakUsers”.

I am not sure what I missed here. Is there anything special I should do in order to use it?

That’s because this method didn’t exist in 3.6 :slight_smile:
It used to be called heaviside, see

The best course would be to upgrade :slight_smile:

For some reason the link you provided doesn’t work - I get 404 :confused:
The plan is to eventually upgrade but it is not on our agenda yet :slight_smile:

I’ve just fixed the link, sorry.

Thanks @slandelle You’re the best. I am really impressed by the speed you provide feedback - it is the fastest I have ever seen in the community.
Keep up the good work! I think this is a really great tool and community around it.
Thanks a ton again :kissing_heart: