Throttle not working from remote desktop machine

I was trying to execute a throughput based test using Gatling 3.5.0 which is working as expected from my local windows 10 machine. But, while I tried to execute the exact same script from inside an AWS remote windows machine having windows 2008 server edition, throttle is not working as expected and run is also getting finished before expected duration.
What can be the issue? Please help
I am using below like setup method and also using forever loop for fixed duration load simulation. My issue is only it is not working as expected from inside remote windows machine opposite to my windows 10 machine.

Config :
JDK 1.8
Maven 3.6.3
Gatling 3.5.0

setUp(scnThrottleDefaultPage.inject(nothingFor(60 seconds),constantUsersPerSec(1).during(2.minutes))