Total number of users during the test with the step alike workload model

I have the following workload model:


My test lasted 3min and 20 sec. How many users in total did this test have during these 3min and 20sec?

Is this the number of total users during this period of time with the different arrival distribution? 21 000? How do we calculate it?

Well, this is an area with rectangles and triangles, just a bit of geometry :slight_smile:

Aha, ok, so I got it like this:

First level
50x20=1000 (rectangle)
50x10=500 (rectangle)
(50x10)/2=250 (triangle)

Second level
100x20=2000 (rectangle)
100x10=1000 (rectangle)
(50x10)/2=250 (triangle)

Third level
150x20=3000 (rectangle)
150x10=1500 (rectangle)
(50x10)/2=250 (triangle)

Forth level
200x20=4000 (rectangle)
200x10=2000 (rectangle)
(50x10)/2=250 (triangle)

Fifth level
250x20=5000 (only rectangle)
sum(of all above)=21 000

Is this correct? :slight_smile:
I am rusty at my geometry :stuck_out_tongue:

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