Websocket Failed Transactions


How is it possible that I have failed transactions but the chart still shows that there are no failed transactions. More importantly, does this effect the actual transactions that are being considered in the duration chart, because if it is considering failed transactions it may be very misleading?

Thank you.


Can someone help with this?

Reproducer please (test + app).

The application is built in Erlang will that be possible fr you to run?

Attached please find the whole output, the application, an the whole script.

The application runs on Erlang R16B01. Once downloaded, in the terminal enter the following:

cd TheApplication
./rebar compile generate skip-deps=true && rel/chat/bin/chat console

Note that in the application after upgrading to the websocket connection I am waiting 8 sec to send the expected message which has a timeout of 10 sec. Despite of this there are instances in the duration graph showing that the min response time was 2 sec, which based on the application can never happen.

If you find it difficult to run the application you can maybe view the result and compare it with the script. Thank you a lot. I really appreciate all the help. Thank you.

App: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zgua1hwznc02i4y/TheApplication.tar.gz?dl=0

0-1427884664323.zip (429 KB)

B1R1Erlang.scala (1.27 KB)