Active Users along the Simulation" graph becomes 0 active users after 16-17 minutes.

I am new to gatling and I intend to verify this scenario
Simulate 1000 req/s with a ramp of 100 seconds, then hold this throughput for 10 minutes, jump to 500 req/s and finally hold this throughput for 10 Minutes

The Code for the same is as below :

class MySimulation extends Simulation {
setUp((XXX.YYY).inject(constantUsersPerSec(70) during(20 minutes)).throttle(reachRps(1000) in (100 seconds), holdFor(10 minutes), jumpToRps (500), holdFor(10 minutes)))

Want to know as to why this behaviour in gatling, and any help to resolve the same is highly appreciated.

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I have the same issue. Judging by server logs, reqests are still beind sent, even if the chart says there are no active users. So it may be some chart generation bug.
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I also have a similar issue.

As you can see in the following screenshot users seems to finish at 12:34 even though there is some activities until 12:37

You can find the full simulation log in the file simulation.log.tar.gz.

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Gatling 2.2.3

simulation.log.tar.gz (620 KB)

Looks like this problem:

We noticed the same (active users graph sometimes shows 0 - but analysis shows that the correct throughput was achieved so it’s a problem with the active users graph calculation as opposed to no load being applied).