Adding a Sequence of string in gatling feeder

Hello Gatling community,

I would like to use Seq(String) in the feeder. How can I achieve this?

My input to the API should be something like

Seq(“a” , “b”, “c”)
Seq(“d” , “e”, “f”)
Seq(“g” , “h”, “i”)

How can I put such a list/sequence in the feeder and iterate through those values as input to the request?


I’m not sure what you want to achieve with such a Seq.
Feeder need to specify the session variable name to put the value.

  val myFeeder: Feeder[Seq[String]] = Iterator.from(List(
    Seq("a", "b", "c"),
    Seq("d", "e", "f"),
    Seq("g", "h", "i"),
  )).map(seq => Map("sessionVar" -> seq))

Is it what you want?