Adding an authorization header to a get request against a REST service (JSON)

I use the RESTClient in Firefox and add I token named X-Token with a value like in the screenshot.
However trying to accomplish the same in Gatling like this:

val httpConf = http
.authorizationHeader(""“X-Token: 1234asdf”"")

I get “Request ‘Login page’ failed: jsonPath($.resultCode).is(SUCCESS), but actually found PERMANENT_ERROR” and removing the token in RESTClient also gives me the error msg.

My question is:
Do I add an authorization header in Gatling as a “value pair” (like I try to do in my example) ?

This do not work either:

val httpConf = http

Request example:

— request —

GET https://something.comuser/profile HTTP/1.1

Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate

X-Token: 1234asdf


— response body —


“resultCode”: “SUCCESS”,

“errorCode”: null,

“errorMessage”: null,

“profile”: {

“fullName”: “TestFirstName TestMiddleName TestLastName”,

“memberships”: [ {

“name”: “UA Partner”,

“number”: “123-456-123-123”,

“scanNumber”: “123-456-123-123”