&amp and %3A%2F%2 issue


I am correlating a value and managed to capture that successfully using regex as follows

.check(regex("""<a href="(.*?)">Already""").saveAs("currentPageSignIn"))

parameter currentPageSignIn  captured value as as follows


but my actual URL contains this value as follows "cmc_citizen&redirect_uri=https://"

Please can some suggest how to get rid of amp; and %3A%2F%2" so regex can capture correct value required for this correlation ??

Thanks in advice for your help and suggestion on this subject ?

Hi Gatling Expert

Please can you review my issue and please suggest some thing on this issue please ? I am blocked and unable to progress it further.

no reply yet.

Really appreciate if someone can guide me here.

URL I am capturing via correlation contains & but actual URL has got only & and this is the only difference I can found in my step failure.\

is there any thing in gatling to capture only correct url or way to convert these & to & on my correlated parameter

I am hoping to hear some suggestion from active member of this community ASAP

Hi Stephane,

Could you advice on this please ? I would like to capture absolute URL path without & etc in my correlated parameter for next page? hows that possible in gatling ?