Arbitrary predicate for check?

I have a function that given a string, returns a boolean based on the contents

I want to get bodyString and pass it to this function and use it in check, so I get a fail if the function return false.

What is the easiest way to do this? I say easiest as I know there are many ways to do anything in Scala.

Linked to this, the next step would be calling a function that returns Option[String], Some[String] is there’s an error, and None if its ok.,


Sorry, but you asked the same question 2 weeks ago, so the answer would still be the same.
I explained how to build custom check in this thread:

Yes, and the answer was pretty complicated and made no sense to me.

So I put forward my question again in a more concrete fashion.

Never mind,


Well, I found a solution.

Probably not the prettiest, but its short and doesn’t require tonnes of legwork.

I have a validate method

def validate(xml: String): String

returns empty string if ok, otherwise its an error (Guidance as to the proper use of Option[String] here would be appreciated)

I use a transform based on the above function, e.g.


So in fact I’m just doing a string comparison.


It’s very simple actually.

The check method in the HTTP DSL takes HttpChecks. Those have two attributes:

  • order that tells how to sort them when you apply several of them. In your case, the value you have to pass is Body.
  • wrapped which is the actual Check[Response].

Implementing the check method is pretty straightforward, Response is an extension of the AsyncHttpClient Response interface.

Get it?