AtomicInteger and not getting more than 8 digits in my values

I have


.exec(session => session.set("uniqueMobileNumber", "99999999"+myGlobalVar.getAndIncrement))


But if I run a test with 100 virtual users going in and out of the session my unique mobilephone number gets typically: 9999999999, 10 digits…

I want to get a value of maximum 8 digits for every user so I need to take 10000000 as starting number and then add i per virtual user, ending up with (in this example): 10000100.

How can I add to the whole phone number and summing it up no just adding the way it happens now?

Why wouldn’t this work?

.exec( session => session.set( “uniqueMobileNumber”, ( 10000000 + myGlobalVar.getAndIncrement ).toString ) )

thank you, works perfect.