BDD Gatling Integration

Is there a way to type cast an test Runner or an feature file of BDD Cucumber and pass it to simulation class ?

Hi @abhisdet,

Please, be more specific about what is your use case.

Here, in Gatling community, are well versed into load test, but not sure everybody is aware of other framework.

Cucumber is specifically designed to have written tests that mimic what a human would read when testing manually.
I don’t personally know about the BDD flavor, but I can guess (by its name) it is about the behavior (BDD usually stands for Behavior Design Development).
Perhaps you can find a way to “translate” one into another, but there is no specific support of that (for the moment).

If you find something useful, please share with us ^^


Hi @sbrevet ,

Thanks for the quick reply, let me elaborate on the issue we are trying to solve.

My Use case is alike karate features, writing the features files and passing them to simulation class and performing load testing, I want to write the same feature file using native cucumber and then pass the particular feature file or its test runner to Gatling and perform the load testing …!

Is there any possible way for that ?

eg : scenario().exec(karateFeature(“classpath:”)

instead of karate feature can I pass an test runner class or an cucumber feature ??
if so How ?

It’s not possible atm, sorry. Though that might be possible in the future.
What are you using exactly? RestAssured?

Hi @slandelle ,

Yes we are using RestAssured and planning to implement a SINGLE USER UI performance , basically trying to also get the PAGE RENDERING in REAL TIME.

SINGLE USER UI performance

It looks like your looking for a web performance tool, not a load test tool like Gatling.

We are looking at both. Designing a FRAMEWORK that would LOAD the users and also give me the PAGE rendering time from the UI layer. So we can test on different ENVIRONMENTS.

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