Built a gatling simulation to parameterize csv rows

We are running our application on 4 different pods. When each pod runs it gives a number starting from 0-3. We have one CSV file that has all user credentials info there are 1000 rows in that CSV. What we want is that if first pod runs that give us index 0(we can get index using System.getProperty()) then only 1-250 rows from CSV should be execute likewise when second pod runs it gives index 1 so in that case 251-500 rows from csv should execute.

Is it possible to built this functionality if yes can you help me with this?

I am not sure if this possible or not so I haven’t tried anything as of now.

This feature, called shard, is already built-in when running on Gatling Enterprise, see Gatling - Feeders.

is there any way we can do this in gatling open source version?

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