Can each HTTP call made in a foreach in a scenario be included in the Gatling report?

Hi. I want to have a single user execute HTTP calls in a foreach for every line in a CSV file. I currently have the following scenario where I use flattemMapIntoAttributes and read a couple of variables from the CSV. The Gatling report only shows one entry for the “Search” scenario, but I want every http call in there. Is there any way to do that. I am trying to build a test that can read a set of different rest calls/parameters from CSV files, and monitor response times for all of them - and report on all of them. I am trying to avoid an individual scenario for each of the rest calls. Thanks!

val searchRecords = csv("rest_search.csv")
val scn = scenario("Search")

    .foreach(searchRecords.records, "searchRecord") {
    .get(s"/rest-services/search/" + "${entity}")
    .queryParam("query", "${query}")
    .queryParam("fields", "id")
    .queryParam("count", "1")

I meant to say that I get on entry in the Gatling report for:


Which contains the foreach loop.

Of course, I am completely open to other ways of achieving my goals if this is the wrong way to approach it.

I got this to work. By changing the name of the scenario like this:

.exec(http("search_calls" + "${entity}")

All set for now.